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Filta has successfully specialised in fryer management services since 1996. It is the only management system for fryers in the world, making it unrivalled.

The franchise company is now active in many countries. Globally, over 7,000 customers benefit from these services on a weekly basis.

Core business: Fryer management

The most important service and therefore the main business of Filta is full-service mobile fryer management, which is unique in its scope. Services provided by Filta partners include the professional cleaning of the fryers on site and filtering the frying oil on a micro basis.

This saves customers time and money. In addition the cooking life of the oil is extended by up to 100%, representing a measureable contribution to more sustainability and protection of resources.

All Services

On the path to becoming a full-service provider

Over the years, because of new supplementary services, Filta has evolved from a straightforward service provider for fryers to a full-service supplier of environmental services for commercial kitchens.

These include: direct, on-site manufacture of refrigeration seals, regular, non-chemical drain cleaning and disinfection as well as state-of-the-art solutions in fat separation and continuous cleaning of extraction systems.

Filta as a franchisor

With its mobile services for more sustainability in commercial kitchens, Filta provides its franchise partners with a true unique selling point. Additional services for restaurants, hotels, catering and many other customers generate excellent opportunities to expand the customer base. All relevant information about starting a successful Filta franchise company can be found here.

Our mission

To become the most trusted service brand in the commercial kitchen industry by offering solutions that make operations safer, more effective and sustainable.


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