Our milestones

1995 FiltaFry Mobile Filtration Unit

1996 FiltaFry established

1997 First Filta franchise assigned

1999-2012 Expansion to the USA, Australia, Portugal, South Africa, Hungary, Poland, Lebanon, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Greece

2013 Founding of Filta Benelux

Oct. 2014 Founding of FiltaFry Deutschland GmbH

Nov. 2016 Listed on the stock exchange

Aug. 2017 Established in Canada

2018-2020 Established in Austria, Spain, Finland, Estonia

2018 Takeover of FiltaFry Deutschland GmbH by Filta Group (USA)

Feb. 2019 Established in Ireland

2019 Launch of sealing and drain cleaning services

2020 Individual brands FiltaFry, FiltaDrain, FiltaSeal, FiltaShield, FiltaGold, FiltaVent, FiltaFog are combined under Filta Environmental in EU

April 2021 Established in France

2021 Launch of the FiltaFOG Cyclone GRU in the EU

March 2022 Franchise Brands plc acquires Filta Group Holdings plc

Development of our filtration machine

Generation 2

Generation 3

Generation 4

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