Oil delivery

You expect the highest quality when deep-frying. Same here. That’s what you get with SUMMUM frying oils.

Delivering frying oil is part of our fryer management service. Our service partners will deliver Summum frying oil to you upon request. This oil...

  • meets the highest quality standards and sustainability criteria,
  • is ideal for deep-frying a wide variety of products,
  • offers an excellent price-performance ratio,
  • provides the best deep-frying results in terms of taste.

Summum Extra frying oil
10 litre bag-in-box

The best oil of the Summum products, it beats frying oils from other suppliers by a mile. The difference is in the high percentage of unsaturated fat, which amounts to 74%. When heated, the oil remains light for a long time and doesn’t become cloudy. The oil doesn’t give off odours in the frying area and deposits in the fryer are minimal. Leading both in heat resistance and taste neutrality, this oil delivers optimal deep-frying results.

Summum Premium frying oil
10 litre bag-in-box

Summum Premium is a very robust frying oil that lends an excellent flavour to your fried food. It consists of rapeseed and sunflower oil. Summum Premium provides a superior frying result with a neutral odour and extended oil life. It is suitable for restaurants looking for a quality frying oil at a competitive price.

Summum Green

Summum Green is a top-quality oil made from refined plant oils (sunflower oil and rapeseed oil), to which a natural antioxidant has been added. This slows oxidation and extends the life of the oil. The oil has a neutral odour and taste and is very robust in the fryer. The colour of the oil remains light for a long time and does not turn cloudy quickly

Filta has been taking care of our fryers for two years now and they are always clean and hygenic. Filta also supplies us with high-quality oil, filters the used oil on a micro basis, cleans the fryers parallel to this and collects the waste oil when needed. This saves us time and oil, which in turn, saves us money. On top of this, by using less oil, we operate more sustainably and make our contribution to the conservation of resources.
Ante Ledic, owner of Sonnenhof, Seeshaupt (Bavaria)

More information on Summum oils and product specifications on individual oils can be found in our download-area.

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